The California Education Exchange Federation (CEEF)

The California Education Exchange Alliance (CEEF) is a non-profit organization established in California, USA. Through the tripartite cooperation of government education departments, institutions and non-profit organizations, it establishes a platform for exchanges and cooperation to promote the docking of California educational institutions and international educational institutions. Exchange, share quality education resources and information, and promote international-wide educational cooperation and education reform.

The alliance covers a group of primary and secondary schools and universities across California, not only recommending California’s successful education model to non-California regions and countries, but also building friendly relationships with schools and education bureaus that are willing to establish friendships with California schools. The platform for cooperation. CEEF has helped establish many friendly sister schools between China and the United States.

California Education Exchange Federation


To use education as a vehicle to bridge cultural, and economic divides by facilitating forums, and student or teacher exchange programs that empower students and teacher (educators) to think critically, creatively, and globally and to act, locally, ecologically, and purposefully, to be change makers, innovators and leaders of the emerging trends in education and learning.


Dialogue, Discovery Service, Community, Ecology, Growth mindset, Individual recognition, Innovation, Social contribution, and truth.


A consortium of educator, innovators, and student leaders who come together from around the world to engage in sharing educational cultural exchange and outline the direction of global education trends to lead the world.

Membership Benefits of C.E.E.F.

C.E.E.F. is an alliance of international educators. Students and teachers (educators) will gain access to a global web of forward thinking educators and student leaders interested in addressing the increasingly globalized needs of our student body through C.E.E.F.

Institutional Membership: This program is for schools interested in finding schools to partner with for international student exchange programs. School principals can join our international principal’s Round Table group that meets throughout the year to discuss topics of interest and concern for school leaders. Educator members have special access to the following events:

• Annual Education Expos • Quarterly Education Magazine
• Monthly Education Seminars • Weekly Education News
• Daily Education Social Media Updates • Principal’s Roundtable (Invitation only)

Corporate Membership: This program is education businesses who are interested in supporting education, and giving back to their communities. Corporate members can:

• List and promote services to other members
• Contribute to our scholarship fund and be recognized as a corporate partner
• Receive discounts on event tickets and sponsorship opportunities

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Honorary Member of C.E.E.F.

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