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Bytes & Bots – Arcadia Lab

Innovative STEM Lab Programs in Arcadia!

Days & Hours:
Every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
3:30pm – 6:30pm
@ Hugo Reid Primary School
Arcadia, CA 91007


School and itinerary features:

• Management major, international business, entrepreneurship major, marketing professional, financial professional
• Latest World Economic Dynamics Research
• Entrepreneurship
• Visit famous companies / top universities
• Create top-level “enterprise elite” & “all-round talent”
• Business network expansion and accumulation
• World famous schools and professors teach


we focus on:

• Education
• Medicine
• Engineering


Study tour features:

• Learn to share projects with other team members
• World-renowned professors teach and exchange
• Business contacts expand and accumulate professional information
• Latest World Economic Dynamics Research
• Develop leadership skills and innovative thinking skills
• Visit famous companies / top universities

1on1 Tutor

Our service:

• Preparation counseling
• public speaking training
• College student planning and application

Age: 9th to 12th grade

K12 1on1 Tutor

Our service:

• Study abroad and study tour services
• One-on-one and group tutor
• New immigrant language tutoring