Arcadia Unified School Immersion Program

The purpose of this program is to teach international students English through cultural and educational exchanges. We foster the development of and understanding of English and mutual respect between communities and nations through academic engagement and cultural exploration.

July 1, 2019 – August 15, 2019


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Academic Engagement: International students will be able to experience being in an American Classroom setting, where they will learn American Teaching methods and examine student/teacher interaction in the classroom. International students will work with American Student Leaders who will
guide them throughout the program.

Cultural Exploration: International Students will be able to immerse themselves in American Culture through interactions with and guidance from American Student Leaders. Students will live in an American home and visit famous American landmarks.

Why Choose This Program?

• Explore a new culture and school system
• Interact with American students and make new friends
• Study with award-winning teachers in a top public school in the US



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