PBL – Project Based Learning Internship

In a Project Based Learning program, we challenge students to work cooperatively, think critically, and present their work in front of an audience. A variety of engagement strategies are used to engage students and encourage their participation in a rigorous curriculum.

Program Advantages:
Learn and experience the critical skills necessary to be a successful leader, innovator, and creative problem solver.

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Program Length

Spring Term: 25 weeks / Mid-February and running through July
Summer Term: 12 weeks / Early June and running through early September

* Both terms have the same number of meetings and content, however, the meeting times of the spring term are more flexible and the work intensity is lower due to the term’s longer duration.


I prefer we do 3 months & 6 months
The quarter term runs 12 weeks (3 months), starting in January and running through March for Q1, April to June for Q2 and October to December for Q4.

The Summer term is 12 weeks (3 months), beginning in early July and running through end September.


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