Wine Course

When you have mastered professional financial skills. Have excellent organizational skills. Have entrepreneurial thinking. With fast learning ability, we also provide you with high-end wine tasting courses. Let you add personal ones in social platforms. Taste style and expertise.

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Course and Tasting Project:

1. Introduction to Wine Foundation Wine 101

The wine tasting expert with the highest level of Chinese wine in North America, a senior wine educator with a tie and collar into the wine world. Course content:
•  Wine history, culture, famous producing areas
•  The winemaking process, the soil that does not have the same characteristics, the climate and other natural conditions
•  Different wine styles and characteristics
•  How to judge the quality of wine from the smell?
•  How to describe the taste of different wines as easily as a professional wine fan?
•  How to buy wine, alcohol, save and other topics to change from a wine drinker to a wine tasting!!

2. California Wine Advanced Class Wine 102
Course content:
•  History, climate and geography of California wines
•  California’s famous production area, grape growing and brewing features
•  California star wine variety
•  The future development of grape cultivation and brewing
•  Interactive drink training: 6~8 classic wines

3. [Northern California Sunshine Wine Country] – Napa Valley &  Sonoma Valley
Three-Day Top Tour

The Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley in Northern California are the most important wine regions in Northern California. They are also famous wine regions in the United States. Along the valley, there are green hills and mountains, and you can see wineries of all sizes. Zhuangdu has its own characteristics and history. Our carefully planned classic wine country route, with award-winning top wineries and winemakers, leads everyone to the California Sunshine Wine Country.

4. [Southern California Sunshine Country] Romantic Tour of Temecula Valley Wine Country
The Temecula Valley Wine Country has a fascinating landscape that resembles a mystery in Southern California. The Temecula Valley is close to the deserts of Southern California and has many excellent wineries. In fact, since 1970 In the Temecula Valley, the top wines began to be produced.

* Top-level deep tour is not just an exciting winery tour, wine tasting and food. We also have a wine teaching course designed to provide a variety of experiences besides the winery, leading everyone to enhance the senses and journey. perfect.


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